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Polar Crush hold workouts for interested players during our winter workouts in Jan and Feb - winter workouts for the Crush are held at 

Marina Bay Sportsplex

260 Victory Rd, Quincy, MA 02171

We can be contacted at


Phil McElroy

Polar Crush Director

Phone: 617-417-9281


Walter Babcock - Assistant Coach 14's

Olivia Berry - Head Coach - 18U Gold (Head Coach Emmanuel College)

Larry Miller - Head Coach - 18U Premier (Head Coach Framingham State College)

Brook Capello - Assistant Coach (Head Coach Simmons University)

Jessica Silva - Head Coach 18U Elite

Jim Carbone - Head Coach 14U

Katie Casey - Assistant Coach - 18U Elite

Scott Bilodeau - Head Coach 12U

Rachel Ball - Assistant Coach 18U Gold

Mairin Dudek - Assistant Coach